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Some Aspects of Formalizing and Reasoning with Norms

Luca Pasetto (ICR Seminar) 08.05.2023 - 2 p.m.

Norms coming from legal texts are typically written in a natural language. However, a legal text that is written in a formal language has the advantage of being subject to automation, at least partially. Performing such a translation is not easy, and the matter is even more complex because the law changes with time, so if we formalized a legal text that was originally written in natural language, there is a need to keep track of the change. In this seminar I will show some aspects relevant to this topic that I have worked on during my doctorate, focusing on the language of Defeasible Deontic Logic (DDL). Moreover, natural language can be vague: this is oftentimes the case with adjectives. They can be vague but they are also essential to understand a legal text, and for this reason I will show a newly developed logical framework for reasoning with gradable adjectives. When finally the norms are formalized, it is necessary to have a system that reasons on them. Relating to this, I will talk about an automated reasoner for DDL that we have been developing and that can be seen as an evolution of the older prover SPINdle. You can join live or via WebEx.

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