This pillar started at the AI Robolab, when a workshop on AI and Art was organized by the AI Robolab at the university of Luxembourg. Later, in 2020, our project proposal has been accepted by the Esch22. Therefore, the AI Robolab will be responsible for the organization of an AI & Art pavilion that will be included in the activates of Esch 2022 European Capital of Culture. The pavilion involves several corners and projects developed by artists and researchers interested in creative technologies as well as staff from the AI Robolab. The kickoff meeting of this project was organized by the AI Robolab and held on 25th of September 2020.


currently we are working to establish AI & Art as a main research activity in the AI Robolab. Current research topics include: AI Music, GAN-based image generation, GAN style-transfer, etc.


The AI Robolab contribution in this context is twofold:
(i) AI for Artists course: a series of lectures and workshops aiming to introduce artists with the basic concepts of AI and get them familiar with the key tools in this domain,
(ii) every year the AI Robolab supervises student projects in AI & Art and creative technologies (GAN-generated AI music, AI image generation, style transfer, robots and music.


being centered around art, the creative technology pillar involves many knowledge dissemination and outreach events this includes: the kick-off meeting on the 25th of September 2020, several events scheduled in the context of Esch22, and the photobooth project, a project started in January 2021 and whose aim is to (i) disseminate knowledge about machine learning and neural network generated images and style transfers, (ii) build the “photobooth” and use it as an interactive demonstration of AI & Art and machine learning generated photos and style transfers, (iii) collaborate with Scienteens Lab in order to put the booth in display.

  • National and International Collaboration
  • Esch-sur-Alzette European Capital of Culture
  • Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
  • Scienteens Lab
  • University of Seville, Spain.