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Scope The AI Robolab is an AI lab created in 2009 at the university of Luxembourg.Following the big 5 terminology explaining the scope of AI, the AI Robolab scope covers Natural interaction (Point 4) and Societal Impact (Point 5). The former is about AI that “strives to create agents that interact naturally with humans” whereas the latter aims to study how AI
can “impact society in both positive and negative ways.”

The AI Robolab seeks to provide help to all DCS members interested in using the robots for research or teaching purposes. The AI Robolab is looks forward for collaborations.

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The Five Pillars

  1. Ethical implementation of AI in society is crucial for maximizing benefits and minimizing harms.
  2. Social robotics has the potential to revolutionize human-robot relationships, enhance human interaction, foster social connections, and improve quality of life.
  3. Computational creativity drives innovation, revolutionizes industries, and opens up new possibilities by pushing the boundaries of human imagination.
  4. AI in health and well-being has the potential to revolutionize healthcare, enhance patient care, and improve overall well-being while addressing global health challenges.
  5. Explainable intelligent artificial systems ensure transparency, accountability, and trust in AI decision-making, promoting ethical and responsible use of AI technologies.

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