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The AI-Robolab Is An AI Laboratory Founded In 2009 At The University Of Luxembourg And Affiliated To The Faculty Of Computer Science. The AI-Robolab Aims To Provide Advice And Support To All Those Interested In AI And Also To All Citizens Of The Country. This Refers To Research Questions, Cooperation In Teaching, But Also To Cooperation Questions On The Topic Of Artificial Intelligence. We Work In An Interdisciplinary Way And With Other Actors, For Example With The LIST – Luxembourg Institute Of Science And Technology, The Luxembourg Centre For Contemporary And Digital History (C2DH), The University’s Scienteens Lab, And Others. We Look Forward To Hearing From You!



The AI Robolab is an AI lab created in 2009 at the university of Luxembourg. Following the big 5 terminology explaining the scope of AI, the AI Robolab scope covers Natural interaction (Point 4) and Societal Impact (Point 5).

The former is about AI that “strives to create agents that interact naturally with humans” whereas the latter aims to study how AI can “impact society in both positive and negative ways.”

The AI Robolab seeks to provide help to all DCS members interested in using the robots for research or teaching purposes. The AI Robolab is looks forward for collaborations.

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The Computational Creativity Hub is a living lab where researchers, students and artists work together to brainstorm, make research and produce new approaches, methodologies, artworks dealing with the future of art. CCH is maintained by AI Robolab and used for projects like AI&Art and BeCoS. Everybody is invited to visit us from Monday to Thursday between 10h00-12h00 and 14h00-18h00. The entrance is free and no registration is required. Some key events are organized in CCH. Please feel free to contact us to organize a visit for a larger group.


ChatGPT: An Educational Ally We Didn’t Ask For, But Have

ChatGPT: An Educational Ally We Didn’t Ask For, But Have Invitation: Exclusive Workshop on ChatGPT as an Educational Tool How can AI tools like ChatGPT revolutionize the way we learn and teach? What potential do they hold for personalized education? While AI has vast potential, where do you think its limitations lie? Are there tasks that AI will never be able to perform as well

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