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  • Project Photobooth (2021-2022)

Machine Learning & Arts: The Smart Photo Booth

Within this project, we want to develop a playful and interactive intelligent machine – the Smart Photo Booth – where the users can experiment with AI, and learn about the process of how intelligent machines are trained.


  • To motivate teenagers and younger audiences to engage with computer sciences and eventually to attract them to think about studies and/or a career in this domain,
  • To explain and demystify concepts of AI and Machine Learning in an interactive and entertaining manner for a wider audience (> 7 years old).

In particular we want to:

  • Introduce the main concepts of machine learning, and deep neural networks through one of its applications: style transfer. Moreover, we provide a hands-on experience of the implementation of the style transfer system. The system will transfer a user portrait as input (“selfie”) into a portrait of a specific style from art history (e.g. impressionism, post-impressionism, cubism, etc.).
  • Offer the participants an interactive and personalized introduction to the evolution of portrait painting through time.


This project is a collaboration with the: