Second Call for Artists

  • Are you an artist?
  • Are you wondering how Artificial Intelligence (AI) might impact your artistic work and your creative practice?
  • Do you want to learn what AI really means?
  • Do you want to learn how to use techniques from AI to create art?

Join us to collaborate with scientists to realize your art projects and to help creating designs for techies whose concepts require artistic expertise. Come to us to show the world the possibilities of AI in art.

This is call is part of the AI&ART Pavilion project for ESCH2022, a multidisciplinary and interactive environment in which scientists, artists and the public can meet and interact.

In this context, the AI Robolab at the University of Luxembourg organizes the second round call for artists to participate to AI for artists course.

Call for artists to participate in a special AI-for-artists course

We are looking for artists in all disciplines such as contemporary art, photography, drawing, design, music, digital arts, land art, and more. AI Robolab invites local artists to the AI course “Elements of AI” and workshops. Artists will be given free but substantial training via multiple sessions.

Entry Fee: No

Acceptance Criteria:

  • First come first served admission policy with a limited capacity of 20 places


  • February 10th. February 22nd

Start date of the course:

  • February 12th February 26th

How to Apply:

  • Fill the following form:

Maximum size 10MB

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For any further inquiries please contact us on: