AI & ART Seminar

Artificial intelligence (AI) is generally all about making computers and robots capable of doing things that only humans have done so far, it has already fueled many academic fields as well as industries. In the field of artistic creation, AI has demonstrated its great potential and gained popularity. AI art refers to art generated with the help of AI, AI generated art can range from AI paintings to music created by AI to poetry AI, etc. It is possible for an AI painting system to generate the desired content in the style of a specific famous painter. A large number of fans were attracted to the tunes composed by AI, others believed they came from masters of classical music.
From April 28 to June 2, each Wednesday AI Robolab will be offering the first of its kind Seminar on AI & Art, the seminar aims to bring forward cutting-edge technologies and most recent advances in the area of AI art, conducted by the leading experts crossing various fields such as machine learning, computer vision, art history, art conservation, and cultural heritage, this research interest group aims to explore how emerging AI techniques can shape the general area of art.

Call for artists to Singularity 42!

Through a series of art exhibitions, Singularity 42! will invite the visitors of the pavilion to a dialogue with the artists and the scientists, to the exploration of their own relation with AI, and to sense the potentiality or impossibility of singularity. The exhibited artworks will remix various relationships between art and AI, with AI as an inspiration for art and art as a creative sparkle for AI, AI as a process and a tool for art, AI as a component of the artistic experience.

Project EXPECTATION (2021-2024)

EXPECTATION is s CHIST-ERA (ERA-NET and FET supported project) on eXplainable AI (XAI) entitled: Personalized Explainable Artificial Intelligence for decentralized agents with heterogeneous knowledge. The project involves 4 partners: University of Luxembourg, HES-SO, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland, Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna, Italy and Özyeğin University, Turkey.


The AI Robolab is pleased to organize EXTRAAMAS 2021, the third international workshop on the explainable and transparent agents and multi-agent systems.

Second Call for Artists

The AI Robolab at the University of Luxembourg announces a call for artists to three separate participations:
A call for artists to participate to the AI course “Elements of AI” and Workshops
A call for artists to participate in teaching and student projects related to AI and Art
A call for artists to participate to a pilot project

AI &Art pavilion kick off

As part of Esch2022, the European capital of culture, scientists at the University of Luxembourg created the AI&ART pavilion, a multidisciplinary and interactive environment in which scientists, artists and the public can meet and interact.

Seminar on AI and Ethics

Selected topics in Artificial Intelligence (STAI) 2020 seminar, Semester 3
Seminar in the profile « Intelligent Systems »
Branch II: AI and Ethics (Najjar, Nouzri)

AI course for Artists

The AI&Art course for artists is a free course but substantial training via multiple sessions. It’s a good opportunity to learn how to use techniques from AI to create art, it focus on both the basic knowledge in artificial intelligence and the application of creative ideas arising from art, using an interdisciplinary format. This course for artists not only offers teaching sessions but also includes workshops with case studies and assignments.