BNAIC 2021

BNAIC/BeneLearn 2021 is the reference AI & ML conference for Belgium, Netherlands & Luxemburg. The combined conference took place from 10 & 12 November.

  • AI&Art track of the conference: annual international science conference Took place from 10 to 12 November 2021 at Belval campus and included scientific lectures and exhibitions as well as an industry day. One of several conference focal points were the theme “AI and Art“.
  • ESCH2022 AI&Art Pavilion exhibition (preview)
  • “The Future of Artistic Research” panel with:
        - Robert Frankle
        - Kristoffer Gansing
        - Iris van der Tuin
        - Maibritt Borgen
        - Deniz Kurt
        - Thibaud Latour
        - Thorsten Kreissig (TeeKay)

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