LECTURE: Working together with robots, how do you do that?

On Tuesday 14 December 2021, a lecture and a round table took place. The main goal was to deal with the question how to work together with robots? In this lecture and roundtable discussion, the artist Egberdien van der Peijl and guest speakers have explained the theoretical aspects of conceptual art and how these can be translated into activities that are widely accessible to both people and robots.

As an artist specialising in conceptual art, Egberdien van der Peijl collaborates with scientists from the Computer Science department at the University of Luxembourg. In the joint interdisciplinary research, they work on concepts that can be applied in both art and science. Egberdien is also a performer and from the practice of group performance, she translates the experience and the experiment into knowledge that can be applied in research. For example, nowadays it is possible to manipulate drones with hand movements and avatars can learn to dance by imitating the movements of humans.

St’ART Promotion is coordinated by Sisi Yin-Clees & Enrico Lunghi. It is a contemporary art project that aims to introduce contemporary art to University students and encourage collective involvement by offering theme seminars and workshops. Our goal is to provoke thinking and discussions on critical topics and trigger relevant conversations at the University of Luxembourg by exhibiting the outcome in the form of a collective installation or participative artwork. The philosophy of this processual project values every individual creativity, either with or without professional art training. St’Art Promotion welcomes and recruits all variations of self-expression which represent and can be identified with an individual’s life story and critical thinking.

More information: www.sisiprojects.com

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