Project Title: DALL-Emades

Type of the project: interactive AI performance (AI image and text generation).

Duchampian art made by A.I. DALL-Emades experiments with cutting-edge ML models like DALL-E, ruDALL-E and CLIP by Open AI to generate images of mysterious objects resembling 20th century industrial design with relevant art titles. In this project we are attempting to create a DALL-E like tool or some combination of ‘VAQ + Transformers’ based tool to be utilised by the art community. Considering Marcel Duchamp’s original approach, a machine learning based workflow which combines ‘text-prompt engineering’ plus ‘model-stacking’ method can yield interesting results.

Artist/idea author: Akshay Jirage 

Student developer: Ayoub Oumalek

Tutor: Dr Jihad

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