Project Title: DEUS eX Machina

Type of the project: interactive chatbots (AI text generation).

DEUS-X-MACHINA deals with the complex topic of AIs as possible superior and almighty  entities. Throughout history this role was mostly associated with gods and goddesses. We designed a chatbot which can adopt different identities based on different religious and philosophical scriptures. Users can talk to DEUS directly or witness a conversation between two « divine » chatbot-identities.  Following the basic idea of « god as a laughing woman » our approach as a large and intercultural project-team with diverse backgrounds includes philosophical, religious humanistic and also humourful aspects. We want to engage our audiences live and online with many open questions about ethics, religion, self-perception and possible prejudice and bias.

Artist/idea author: Thorsten Kreissig 

Student developer: Ravindra Kumar, BONTE ELIOTT CYRIL MICHEL, Rui Cao

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