Automatic Mixed Painting

On 3-4 June, we invite interested people/students to participate in “Meet Artist/Student” workshop      in the CCH (Computational creative Hub)

Project Title: Automatic Mixed Painting

Student: Keerthana Murugaraj

Artist: Ingo Schandeler

Workshop (student) time slot :     3-June from 14h30 to 16h30

Workshop (artist) time slot : 4-June from 14h30 to 16h30                                               

AI-art, a new genre of art and many people are wondering about its emergence. AI can assist artists in many ways, one such way is to help them to reproduce the styles of very famous artists. It gives people a good feeling when we see beautiful paintings in our home, workplace, chat corner and wherever possible. Imagine if we can add new contents to the already existing painting, of our own interest and recreate it with a new style. It would be interesting to the people who love to make art/paintings. We try to do such an experiment with deep neural network algorithms, and it is called automatic mixed painting.

We take content from the photos or painting and paste them into another painting, recreate the painting with the new content. The recreated painting should look like a genuine one. To recreate the painting, we have used two techniques: Neural style transfer and Image Harmonization technique using VGG network. As a first step, our model transfers the style of the original painting onto pasted content, that is, it roughly matches the color and texture properties of the pasted region with that of the similar regions in the original painting. The second and last step is to improve the quality of the resultant from the first step. This model could help many artists to improve the quality of making creative arts. 

The workshop(Student) :We will explain the technical part of our model, the techniques used, the model training, and show the results of our model, the  recreated painting.

The  workshop (Artist) :Art is never created in an empty space, but has a cultural heritage and every individual artist has his own story to tell. Good art often emerges when the artist puts apart used techniques and manages to impose his ideas and views. We will show a transparent and respectless view on art creation with lots of background details in the light of Artificial Intelligence.

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