Call for opening event of Living Lab AI & ART pavilion project

On March 11, 2022, the opening event of the Living Lab AI&ART pavilion project as part of Esch 2022 took place at the Computational Creativity Hub of the University of Luxembourg on Belval campus. The event enables students and artists to discuss in person their projects that combine two disciplines (AI and Art).  Participants explored … Continued

Smart Photo Booth workshop in scienteens Lab

Smart Photo Booth workshop in scienteens Lab (Organized by Sana Nouzri) Together with the AI Robolab of the University of Luxembourg, the Scienteens Lab offer five workshops in computer science from June to July 2022. Designed for high-school students, these new workshops aim to spark their interest in programming, AI algorithms and their application, especially in art. … Continued

Opening Events and Workshops

Organization: Sana Nouzri and Daniel Karpatti On March 11, 2022, opening event of Living Lab of AI&ART pavilion project will take place at the Computational Creativity Hub of the University of Luxembourg on Belval campus. The event invites interested people to participate in person, artists and students will present and discuss their projects that combine … Continued

External presentations, panels, and conferences

23 October 2020. Christoph Schommer: Interview and Video shooting – 887 – AI&ART Pavilion. Esch 2022 9 December 2020: Christoph Schommer gave a presentation « AI and the Arts », Invited Evening Talk, Rotary Melbourne, Australia. see 18 March 2021 Christoph Schommer gave a lecture :  Chercheurs ‘a l’ecole, organised by the FNR, Lycee des métiers … Continued

LECTURE: Working together with robots, how do you do that?

On Tuesday 14 December 2021, a lecture and a round table took place. The main goal was to deal with the question how to work together with robots? In this lecture and roundtable discussion, the artist Egberdien van der Peijl and guest speakers have explained the theoretical aspects of conceptual art and how these can be … Continued

AIFA21 – AI and the future of arts

From 28 to 30 September 2021, AIFA21 has taken place at the Belval campus of the University of Luxembourg as an open event for a large audience. As part of the overall AI Pavilion project (for Esch2022), numerous experts from the field of AI and the arts have explored the increasing interactions between the two … Continued

ESCH2022 REMIX Workshop

On Friday 12 November 2021, Remix workshop was organized by Battle Royale, The goal was to meet a group of scientists-programmers from the University of Luxemburg. They showed, by way of a preview, several innovating tools and software programmes that are used to create the ”AI & ART Pavilion” of Esch2022. A final Q&A session … Continued