Upcoming ICR Events

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DELIGHT is a research project that uses a new methodology to design ethico-legal reasoners and develop formal frameworks to clarify the meanings of specific rights and duties from a computational perspective. The project’s results have applications in various fields, including law, computer science, and AI, to ensure compliance with privacy norms and proper governance of … Continued


The Scienteens Lab, an extracurricular learning centre of the University of Luxembourg, is introducing workshops in computer science for secondary school pupils to spark their interest in science and showcase latest scientific research. With the support of the Royal Bank of Canada, the Scienteens Lab is offering a workshop called “Art and Artificial Intelligence”, where … Continued


The University of Luxembourg is launching a new Doctoral Training Unit called “Deep Data Science of Digital History” in autumn 2022. The interdisciplinary program aims to train digitally literate PhD students to manage and interpret large historical datasets using new approaches to data management, data mining, and visualization.