AI & ART Pavilion

The AI ROBOLAB initiated project, the AI&ART Pavilion for ESCH2022 has been accepted to participate in the European Capital of Culture (ECoC) in Luxembourg representing the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine!
Our initiative was reviewed very favourably by the Selection Committee. Only 31 out of the 573 submitted projects were accepted in the Open Call process. Our proposal was the only one from the University of Luxembourg that was awarded the highest ‘Category A’ project. Furthermore, the AI&ART Pavilion was one of the three projects the Committee mentioned at their press conference explicitly as one of the most promising.

BNAIC 2019

November 2019: AI Robolab participates in BNAIC 2019, Brussels, Belgium. Great Expectations & Aborted Business Initiatives: The Paradox of Social Robot Between Research and Industry.

Esch 22

October 2019: The AI Robolab is bidding to create an Art and AI Pavilion in Esch 22.

Student projects

September 2019: The AI Robolab is supervising BSP (undergraduate) student project at the university of Luxembourg.  Projects supervised: AI & Art : the robot as music instrument AI & Art : GAN generated images and music Food recommender Systems

University of Leon visit

August 2019: Amro Najjar and Agustin Amrossio visit the University of Leon to discuss further collaboration in the domain of human robot interaction (HRI)


July 2019: Post-proceedings of the EXTRAAMAS 1st workshop published by Springer. Volume available on this link.