Zhejiang University, Hangzhou (China)

The AI Robolab plays a major role within the context of ZLAIRE. The AI Robolab collaborates with the institute of logic and cognition led by professor LIAO Beishui from Zhejiang university, Hangzhou, China. This collaboration includes organising events, research seminars, project proposals, and research papers.

School of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington (NZ)

The AI Robolab conducts strong collaboration with the School of Information Management at the victoria university of Wellington and its head Prof. Michael Winikoff. With Prof. Winikoff, we have organized several editions of the EXTRAAMAS workshop and edited a series of Springer volumes on explainable agents and robots.


Within the context of the C21 project, the AI Robolab collaborates with Cisco to develop AI-Supported Digital Collaboration. Starting from November 2021, the AI Robolab and Cisco will co-supervise a PhD student who is going to spend 25% of time in Cisco and the rest at the AI Robolab.