The BicsLab aims at supporting business incubation for selected BiCS students, host selected Bachelor Semester Projects. It offers a framework to develop industrial collaborations and provide an initial R&D support structure for selected BiCS students.


The VR/AR Lab is part of the Department of Computer Science (DCS) at the University of Luxembourg. It is operated by the Collaborative and Socio-Technical Systems (COaST) group with the aim of developing and exploring immersive mixed-reality experiences, novel context-aware applications and distributed virtual environments. The AI Robolab is involved in different research collaborations with … Continued

COmputational INteraction (COIN)

The group, led by Prof. Luis Leiva uses computational methods and data-driven models to enable, support, explain, and improve any kind of user interaction. In particular, our work addresses both fundamental and applied research activities in the following areas: Human-Computer Interaction, with a strong focus on computational user interface design and interactive input techniques. Machine … Continued

Chatbot Lab

Artificial Companions and Chatbots Luxembourg Lab is a community of researchers, students and professionals working in the fields of Dialogue Systems, Conversation Analysis, Social Sciences, Psychology, Language Technology and Education with the focus on long-term human-machine interaction and conversational interfaces


For outreach projects, the AI Robolab works closely with the Scienteens lab. Notably, this collaboration includes: FNR PSP Classic entitled the “Smart Photobooth”. This is an AI & Art (Neural Style Transfer) project developed for the AI & Art Pavilion. FNR PSP Flagship project (under-review).


The AI Robolab is involved in several collaborations with the C2DH. This is both in the framework of Esch22 and in PRIDE proposals for the DTU.

The User Lab

The AI Robolab has been involved in several projects with the User Lab led by Vincent Koenig. These projects include the AI & Art pavilion and the C21 project.