The AI Robolab is pleased to organize EXTRAAMAS 2021, the third international workshop on the explainable and transparent agents and multi-agent systems.

EXTRAAMS is co-located with AAMAS 2021, the main conference for the autonomous agent and multi-agent systems community. EXTRAAMAS is a forum to discuss and disseminate research on explainable artificial intelligence with a particular focus on cross-disciplinary perspectives. This edition of the workshop has two particular focus topics with the ultimate goal to strengthen bleeding-edge foundational and applied research:

  1. XAI in Action: Applied perspectives. EXTRAAMAS explicitly encourages the submission of applied research and demonstration papers. To further facilitate applied perspectives, EXTRAAMAS will organize a panel of industry experts.
  2. Explainable Reasoning in Face of Contradictions: Cross-disciplinary Perspectives. To facilitate basic research questions that lie at the heart of the AAMAS community, EXTRAAMAS explicitly encourages submissions on symbolic approaches to explainable AI and explainable agency. The corresponding EXTRAAMAS session will be kicked off by a keynote by Dov Gabbay, Augustus De Morgan Professor Emeritus of Logic at the Department of Informatics, King’s College London & Professor Emeritus at Bar-Ilan University, Israel. Selected papers will be invited to a special issue in the Journal of Applied Logics – IfCoLoG Journal of Logics and their Applications.

Important dates:

Submission deadline: 22/02/2021

Notification of acceptance: 07/04/2021

Workshop days: 03.05. – 07.05.2021 (TBD)

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