Smart photo Booth Presentation in Luxembourg Science center

The Smart Photobooth: is one of the projects we (AI RoboLab, FSTM Faculty, Dept of Computer Science) developed as part of the AI&Art pavilion for Esch2022 – European Capital of Culture. The idea of the PhotoBooth is to transform a photo taken by the visitor into a pre-selected artistic painting style. The visitor is guided … Continued

Project Title: Automatic mixed painting

Type of the project: inter AI performance (AI image generation). Style Transfer is the technique of applying the style of one image to the content of the other using a deep neural network algorithm. This technique is being extended in this project. The main goal is to impose a painting or a section of it into another painting in such a way that it looks to be genuine. The content … Continued


Type of the project: interactive video performance (AI music composition). This is an AI-based Machine Learning project that can detect human body movement and transfer that gesticulation into music. For instance, a visitor stands in front of a screen and watches a short picturesque movie without sound. According to what they feel from the scenes, … Continued

Project Title: Plantasmagoria

Did you know that nature can touch all our senses? Plantasmagoria is a tactile, sensory and visual exploration of our world within the “mind’s eye” of an A.I. The nature scenery is created using a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), a type of machine learning algorithm designed to learn and generate patterns. The GAN has seen … Continued

Project Title: AI critique project

Type of the project: interactive AI performance (AI text generation). The AI Critique Project is an attempt to write art criticism using Artificial Intelligence. Our system aims to automatically generate a text to give a review on a work of art, by receiving an image as input and producing a text, in English, as output, … Continued

Project Title: DALL-Emades

Type of the project: interactive AI performance (AI image and text generation). Duchampian art made by A.I. DALL-Emades experiments with cutting-edge ML models like DALL-E, ruDALL-E and CLIP by Open AI to generate images of mysterious objects resembling 20th century industrial design with relevant art titles. In this project we are attempting to create a DALL-E like tool … Continued

Project Title: Initiation project

Type of the project: interactive AI performance (AI image generation). A music video was created with artificial intelligence. A deep structure (StyleGAN2) was first learned on thousands of images collected online which represent the conceptual meaning of the song’s lyrics. The resulting artificially generated video guides the viewer through the multi-dimensional latent space of neural structures … Continued

Project title: Black hole project

Type of the project: interactive AI performance (AI body movement detection). The project will be using a black hole sculpture enhanced by  VR. We will be using a depth camera for skeletal recognition. The sculpture will interact (lights and sound effects) with the individuals through multiple sensors to give an experience of being dragged inside a … Continued

Project Title: Interactive mirror project

Type of the project: interactive AI performance (AI image processing and deep fake). The aim of Art installation “Mirror, Mirror” is to transform a person’s image in order to prompt them to examine their version of self and the surrounding reality and make them aware of the developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence. To provide a unique experience … Continued

Project Title: AI Avatar dancer

In this project, our objective was to generate a classical dance sequence based on the “Dying Swan” music piece, using the Dancing2Music dance generator. This work has been conducted in AI Robo-lab at the University of Luxembourg. In collaboration with Betania Antico ( dancer and choreographer ), we also applied the Open-Pose pose detection model … Continued

Project title: AI Avatar playing character

As part of the project 1867 (development of an historical and transmedia MMORPG type game). The main character, STEFT, a 10-year-old street boy living in 1867, is an AI. The idea is to develop a self-playing avatar AI that can log into several platforms and games all on the same subject, starting with the knowledge … Continued

Project Title: DEUS eX Machina

Type of the project: interactive chatbots (AI text generation). DEUS-X-MACHINA deals with the complex topic of AIs as possible superior and almighty  entities. Throughout history this role was mostly associated with gods and goddesses. We designed a chatbot which can adopt different identities based on different religious and philosophical scriptures. Users can talk to DEUS … Continued